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Trial and Litigation Consulting

Assisting Attorneys in their Trial Preparation Needs

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    Meet Our Attorney

    Trial and Litigation Consulting

    Jason Johnson

    A Resource To Help Optimize Your Trial Performance

    No one person has the market cornered on knowledge.  No matter how good we are as attorneys, we have the tendency to get tunnel vision when looking at our case.  That is why it is often useful, and sometimes necessary, to test our trial themes and strategies in a different setting before we start picking a jury.   At Johnson Litigation, our mission is to provide effective and trustworthy representation through dedicated and dependable teamwork.  This teamwork extends across the legal landscape to provide assistance to attorneys seeking justice for their clients.

    We offer assistance in the following areas.

    • Focus Groups: These have become an industry standard in the legal field and should be used for any major case going to trial
    • Case Review: When pursuing a complex case, sometimes it is beneficial to have a second opinion of the evidence, strengths, weaknesses and potential strategies to utilize.
    • Theme Development: We are in the professional story telling business – we can help define and refine your theory of the case and how it should be woven into the trial
    • Witness Preparation: Many cases hinge on the credibility of your star witness.  Having them exposed to a preparation process that is from an unbiased source.
    • Digital Integration: We live in a digital world – Juries process more when they both hear testimony and “see” testimony.  We can help with identifying your visual presentation needs, from PowerPoint to exhibit presentation software and how to best visually implement your story
    • Jury Selection: A case is often won or lost prior to the opening statements.  Knowing what type of juror you want and why that fits into your overall strategy is imperative
    • Trial Assistance: Handling all aspects of litigation, from intake to verdict.

    If you are interested in any of these services, give Johnson Litigation a call to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.